It is the most widespread classic almond variety in the world.

The fruit is elongated and the shell is semi-hard.

The kernel has a slightly rough surface and a sweet taste. It is considered a variety of very good quality, with a performance of 35-39%.

It ripens in September 15th.

The tree is highly vigorous, with upright branching behavior.

The flowering is characterized as late compared to the classic varieties (from the beginning to the end of March).


TreeThe tree sparsely branches out and reaches fruit bearing stage quickly. It produces fruit abundantly and in a stable way. It is resistant to Monilia but susceptible to Coryneum Blight.
FruitThe fruit is oblong and compressed with a sweet taste. The shell has a firm structure. The inner yield ranges to 35-40 %. The rate of fruit twinning is between 1-2 %.
MaturationThe fruit ripens mid-September and is described as late blooming (March). Very little tend to biennial bearing.



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