This is a self-fertilising variety with late flowering (two or three days before), average ripening and average to high productivity. It has a certain resistance to freezing. Average to low alternation. Its kernel is large and has quality. Tolerant to Polystigma Fulvum.


Principal Characteristics

  • Robustness: Average
    Bearing: semi- open
    Branches: Abundant in the first years. Simple pruning
    Flowering: Late (2-3 days before Guara)
    Ripening: Average (beginning of September)
    Shell: Hard
    Performance: 27-35%
    Production: Average-high
    Fruit bearing: Located mainly on fruit spurs and to a lesser extent on mixed branches
    Tolerance: Average to cold
    Proneness: Tolerant to Polystigma Fulvum
  • Characteristics of the fruit



      Shape: Almond-heart shaped
      Size: big
      Average weight of the fruit: 1,30 g
      Double kernels: 0%
      Flavour: Very pleasant


TreeMedium vigor and semi-upright branching behavior. Easy pruning and management. High yield.
FruitHard shell, round shape and slightly flattened. The taste is slightly sweet. High concentration of oleic acid and antioxidants. Performance at 35%. Weight of the nut is 3,7 grammars. No double kernells.
Maturation25th August-5th September



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