The most productive variety, ideal choice for high-density planting

The Soleta variety is self-fertile, it has dominated the world market due to its excellent quality, increased acreage yield as well as its disease resistance. These are some of the features that make it stand out and make it one of the best choices for the producer.

The tree is of medium vigor, easy to form and prune.

Flowering is late 3 days before Guara in very high density.

The fruit ripens 16 days after Guara, the shell is hard and the shape is elliptical. The fruit is harvested 25 days after Guara. The kernel is large in size without developping double kernels.


TreeMedium vigor and semi-upright branching behavior. High yield. Resistant to Polystigma.
FruitHard shell, heart-shaped and performance up to 35%. Weight of the nut is 3,7 grammars. No double kernells
Maturation-HarvestMid September.



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