New White Peach Variety IcePeach

IcePeach is a fusion of various peach varieties. The main feature, its off-white color, comes from an ancient Korean variety named Yume Yong, whereas its caliber and excellent taste come from mediterranean varieties.

IcePeach has a typical round shape. The color of the skin is light yellow and becomes off-white when ripe. The skin is smooth.

IcePeach is famous for the excellent, sweet taste caused by high sugar levels, low acidity and crispy texture. These are the traits that most European consumers look for when buying peaches.

IcePeach is highly resistant to diseases, thus suitable for organic farming. It is a very productive variety, with easy-to-transport fruit.

According to latest studies, the fruit can remain ripe on the tree for as long as 25 days, without any compromise in taste or quality. In addition, the whole tree can be harvested at once, as all the fruit ripens at the same time.

Maturation - Harvest period: Mid July.



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