Milis fruit tree nurseries

Guaranteed quality saplings. Agronomist with knowledge and experience by your side

The company "Milis Nurseries" has been a reference point in the production and marketing of fruit saplings for over 60 years. Investing in human resources, it is staffed with a team of agronomists, able to meet the ever-increasing needs of its partners. Many years of experience and constant research make the company the recipient of an increasing volume of information and new innovative technologies. This combination leads it to commit itself and deliver large projects abroad, which include all work from planting to harvesting.

In recent years, the company has participated in all the remarkable international exhibitions:

  • Agrotica - Greece
  • Agra Plovdiv - Bulgaria
  • Agricultural Fair Novi Sad - Serbia
  • Indagra - Romania
  • Moldagrotech - Moldova
  • Yugagro - Russia

Our mission:

  • Healthy, hgh quality plants
  • Specialization in every stage
  • Professionalism and Responsibility
  • Continuous Support

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