Milis fruit tree nurseries

The company "Nursery Vasilios K. Milis" deals with the production and marketing of fruit, forest and ornamental seedlings. In the mid-1960s, Konstantinos Milis, listening to the needs of the Greek arboretum for healthy reproductive material, uses the previously known practices in the region and in collaboration with the geotechnical of the era, begins the creation of the first fruit tree nursery (peaches, cherries , apricots, plums, apples, pears etc.). A few years later, his son and current owner, Vassilios Milis, takes over the company's reins enriching the range of offered species, subjects and varieties.

In co-operation with both university institutes in the country and with European institutes, it develops on the nursery areas trees capable of meeting the increased demands of producers, always with a view to ensuring the quality of plants.

At the same time, investing in human resources, manages the company with agronomists targeting the after sales service. Standing next to the farmer, providing cultivation knowledge where necessary (plant protection, fertilization, pruning, etc.) while watching modern world trends.

Due to the fact that the company is well-known in the European area, it is receiving an ever increasing amount of information and new varieties.

In recent years he has participated in all the important international exhibitions:

  • Agrotica - Greece
  • Agra Plovdiv - Bulgaria
  • Agricultural Fair Novi Sad - Serbia
  • Indagra - Romania
  • Moldagrotech - Moldova
  • Yugagro - Russia



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