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EU fresh apple consumption remains at high level

Apple production in the EU is expected to increase by 10% to 12.5 million tonnes in 2021/22 (+ 8% compared to the 5 year average) due to an estimated increase in harvest area (+ 7% on an annual basis) and thanks to the favorable weather conditions. The high availability of apples in Poland and the low prices are expected to lead to an increase in the share of apples to be processed (to 34% in 2021/22 compared to 29% in 2020/21). In total, about 7.8 million tonnes are expected to be sold for fresh consumption (+ 2% on ...

PUNTO COM® Clingstone Peach Variety

At Milis Nurseries nurseries you can find and learn about the Italian variety of PUNTO COM® clingstone peach. Some of the main characteristics of the variety: Tree: High vigor, rich flowering and large production from the first years. This variety is self fertile. Disease resistant.   Fruit: Large size, balanced taste and excellent texture. The color of both the skin and the flesh is yellow.   Ripening Harvest: The production is ready for harvest on September 5. The main feature of the variety is that t he fruits ...

Estimation of the spanish apple and pear production

Spain's apple production will increase by 28% this year while its pear production will fall by 2%.

Milis Nurseries Declaration

DECLARATION With the latest developments for  Milis plant nurseries Φυτώρια Μίλης and the achievement of new trade agreements and rights obtainment, we would like to inform you that our company is now the official and exclusive legal licensor for the propagation, cultivation and commercial promotion of the following varieties: Gala Dark Baron® ( ) Red Velox® ( ) Gala Schniga® Schnico Red ( )   Therefore, we kindly ask producers who already have plant material of illegal production to contact the company ...

Gala harvest set to begin in Italy

Apple harvesting is set to begin in the Po Valley with early Gala varieties. The first cuts are expected  this weekend, but as always, producers must be careful about the proper ripening times to avoid starting the season with poor quality fruit, which is not suitable to persuade the consumer to buy again. "To date, the ripening of Gala fruit is a little behind normal. In the trees we actually see a lot of 70 caliber product and the color is not yet optimal. This year it would be good to wait a few more days for the ...

Determination of fruit ripeness through a light sensor

A Turkish researcher has developed technology that uses data from a visible light sensor to determine the ripeness of fruit . The aim of the project is to detect the maturity of fruits and vegetables by monitoring pigment changes . Instead of using a camera, the project is based on data from a visible light sensor, which is better suited for capturing more accurate light spectra. This allows better reading of the actual light reflected from the fruit, as determined by the pigments on the skin that are directly related to maturity. Samples were taken from a ...

Consumer demand causes cherry sales to grow.

The significant increase in global demand for fresh cherries has resulted in increased sales of imported cherries that have a sweeter taste and larger size, according to Transparency Market Research. The global fresh cherry market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.5% over the forecast period from 2019 to 2029, while sales are expected to reach $ 107.2 billion by 2029. Businesses are now moving to high demand countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Fresh cherry growing companies promote a variety of techniques to increase profit margins. Consumers are increasingly ...

Walnut Cultivation

Walnut Cultivation Walnuts are widely grown in several parts of Europe. They are trees with a high commercial perspective. Their nutritious nuts and good quality timber are of great value and market demand is correspondingly high. The countries of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean are leaders in the European market, while the USA and China are the most important world players. Optimal Conditions Walnut prefers sunny conditions and well drained, deep (60 80 cm) soils rich in organic matter. The roots are sensitive to the lack of oxygen that can occur in wet ...


GLOBAL OVERVIEW CHERRIES The cherry production in many countries has been hampered by poor weather conditions, with Spain being battered by heavy rains and pollination being affected by winds in North America. Other countries, however, have seen record productions, with South Africa experiencing its largest production of cherries ever. In Australia, Tasmanian cherry exports have risen by 40% this season.   Italy : Interesting prices for Italian cherries due to varying conditions in growing regions The 2021 cherry campaign in Apulia, characterised by above average yields, low prices, small to medium sizes and daily ...

Apricot production predictions for Greece and Europe.

Apricot production in Greece is expected to be reduced by up to 30%, compared to 2020. Production is also expected to be reduced in E.U. countries

It is time for protected fruit tree orchards

An innovative thought by Stefano Lugli, an Italian researcher

Enemies against Almond trees

Eurytoma Amygdali Eurytoma Amygdali Eurytoma Amygdali is the most important enemy of the almond tree, it has one generation per year and causes a great loss of production. It looks like a black winged ant, wintering as a developed larva in the infected almonds, which usually remain mummified in the tree. It is recommended to start spraying. Repeat the sprays every 7 8 days until the hardening of the endocarp. The sprays should be done during the noon hours of the day, when we have the greatest sunshine and higher temperatures, because then we have the greatest output ...

Apricot production to fall by at least 50% in Murcia

With the exception of some varieties, much of the apricot production in the Region of Murcia is expected to be reduced by about half due to poor flowering, according to some producing companies in the sector. This has been confirmed by the Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit, Table Grapes and Other Agricultural Products APOEXPA.


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