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It is time for protected fruit tree orchards

An innovative thought by Stefano Lugli, an Italian researcher

Enemies against Almond trees

Eurytoma Amygdali Eurytoma Amygdali Eurytoma Amygdali is the most important enemy of the almond tree, it has one generation per year and causes a great loss of production. It looks like a black winged ant, wintering as a developed larva in the infected almonds, which usually remain mummified in the tree. It is recommended to start spraying. Repeat the sprays every 7 8 days until the hardening of the endocarp. The sprays should be done during the noon hours of the day, when we have the greatest sunshine and higher temperatures, because then we have the greatest output ...

Apricot production to fall by at least 50% in Murcia

With the exception of some varieties, much of the apricot production in the Region of Murcia is expected to be reduced by about half due to poor flowering, according to some producing companies in the sector. This has been confirmed by the Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit, Table Grapes and Other Agricultural Products APOEXPA.



Californication of production




Αρχείο άρθρων


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