The methodology we apply to the production of seedlings

Our company is based on the philosophy that it has to deliver plants to the producer:

  • Healthy
  • Proper development
  • Desirable variety & subject

In order to ensure the excellent phytosanitary status of the saplings we produce, we have been going on for years to create parent plantations. We cultivate varieties in a perfectly controlled environment (greenhouse), thus ensuring mother-free plants free of illness. Of these, we receive vaccines every year, which we use to produce our seedlings. Our parent plantations are controlled by the Phytopathology & Virology Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and if the pathogen is found, the parent plant is destroyed.

As far as the proper growth of plants is concerned, we do all the necessary cultivation (irrigation, herbicide, fertilization, plant protection, etc.) in the nursery and always in the framework of good agricultural practice.

Finally, on the subject that really "burns", ie the producer receives the variety and the subject he has ordered, we emphasize the following:

  • Vaccines are always taken by qualified personnel only
  • Nurseries are mapped in such a way that they exclude the mistake
  • The safeguards we set up zero the possibility of an error

Many times in order for a producer to decide what variety to plant, the price is displayed as an argument during the current growing season.

We, based on:

  • in our philosophy of healthy, good growth, desirable variety & subject plants,
  • in the rich variety that we have and continuously enrich, with new varieties after first testing them,

we have established in recent years the production of plants "on request". We have been preparing the saplings that the producer will plant last year 1 year after. We think so better serve our clients because enjoy all the above advantages of our nursery while being confident that they will plant their field plants (variety & subject) who have ordered and even better value ..


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