Planting instructions

In order to have a successful and uniform start of your orchard, Milis Nurseries suggests that you follow the following necessary instructions during planting

  1. The plants cannot be planted under a soil temperature of 8°C.
  2. The soil should be fine structured (no big, rough soil bulbs!).
  3. After delivery the trees should be put in to water (30-40 cm) for at least 48 hours.
  4. During the planting, the plants should be well protected, in order to not directly expose them to the weather conditions, (wind, sun).
  5. Remove only broken parts of the roots. Do not cut the roots in order to fit in a smaller hole in the ground.
  6. The roots should be covered with at least 10 cm of soil.
  1. The hole in the ground should not be opened many days before planting. Ideally it should be opened right before planting and the depth should be 40cm.
  2. Immediately after planting, the soil around the roots should be pressed on.
  3. The same day, every tree should be irrigated with 8-10 liters of water.
  4. It is necessary to go on with irrigation twice a week with 4 to 5 liters/plant.
  5. In case of dropping system bring out 4 liters/plant 3 times a week.
  6. If you use an Anti-Frost system give 10 mm of water every 3 days.

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